Tooth Extractions

young woman suffering from toothache at home

Tooth extractions are dental procedures that are performed as a last resort to maintain or improve your oral health. Although Dr. Guirguis is primarily concerned with preserving your natural teeth, there are certain instances where one or more teeth may pose a serious threat to the rest of your mouth. In these cases, an extraction […]


Full removable denture of the upper jaw

Dentures are a common dental prosthesis used to replace multiple missing teeth. There are two different types of dentures that can be used, such as full or partial dentures. Full, or complete, dentures are fabricated to restore an entire upper and/or lower arch of teeth, while partial dentures are only fabricated to restore one or […]

Inlays and Onlays

Inlay ceramic crown fixation over tooth

Inlays and onlays are dental restorations that are more extensive than dental fillings but less so than caps and crowns. They are typically formed in a dental lab and are made of gold, porcelain or resin depending on the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals. An inlay refers to a restoration that is formed to fit […]

Emergency Care

Attractive lady checking her beautiful

When dental emergencies happen, waiting several days for an appointment with a dentist is not an option. Emergency dentists are committed to helping patients manage sudden injuries and complications that require immediate treatment. Some emergencies are extremely painful, and a visit to the dentist can provide palliative relief. On the other hand, some emergencies can […]

Oral Cancer Screening

Man at the dentist for dental care

Oral cancer screening uses groundbreaking technology that is changing the way dentists screen for oral cancer. This cordless device is used to painlessly and quickly examine the soft tissues of the mouth for signs of abnormal, pre-cancerous or cancerous cells. Dentists wear special eyewear and shine the device’s blue light onto the tongue, lips, tonsils, […]

Dental Bonding

Doctor examines the oral cavity on tooth decay

Dental bonding is a non-invasive procedure that adheres a composite (tooth colored) resin to the surface of your teeth. It helps to create a brighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile without the use of prosthetics like dentures and tooth implants. This procedure is most commonly used to treat teeth that are cracked, decayed, or discolored. It […]

Laser Therapy

Photopolymer, dentist fixes a seal to a young patient

Laser therapy is used by both dentists and doctors to help treat their patients. There are different types of laser therapy, depending on the amount of light used. For example, surgical and aesthetic lasers use high-level laser light to heat the tissue, while dental lasers use low-level light to help promote healing. Since low-level laser […]

Night Guard

woman wearing orthodontic silicone trainer

Night guards, sometimes known as orthotics, are oral appliances made from medical silicone or plastic that are custom-fabricated to fit over the teeth. They are often used to prevent nighttime teeth grinding and clenching, as well as to properly position the jaw to relax hyperactive muscles and decrease TMD symptoms. While most dental night guards […]